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DOYO: Your own doctor to trust!

DOYO stands out as one of the best pharmacy companies   not only for its amazing healthcare but also delivering reliable pharmaceutical, nutritional products and medical equipment. The company regularly stays updated with the changing technologies in the industry to bring out world class and contamination free products at reasonable prices. DOYO team follows rigorous quality control standards that include sourcing the raw materials, packaging materials, bringing out zero defects products into the market. The company provides products as per the user's requirements and keeps upgrading its know-how owing to its dedication to research and development of new formulations according to the changing needs in the health care industry.

Third party medicine manufacturers

Third-party medicine manufacturers are in demand owing to a growing need for medicines and the lack of sources that forces pharma Pcd franchise companies in India to outsource manufacturing to third-party manufacturers. So, if you are also looking for a reliable third-party pharma manufacturing company then doyo is the best option for you.

The pharma industry is benefiting from the ideas of third-party manufacturing companies. Very easily, you can put faith in them for better formation of the pharma products. All you have to do is choose a reasonable third-party manufacturing company that provides these services to them.

Advantages of taking 3rd Party Manufacturing Services

In the pharma market, it is important to deliver an innovative and good quality product range. Our Third Party Manufacturing company is included as the best pharmaceutical products manufacturers. As a manufacturing company, DOYO REMEDIES  has established a good name and build many contacts with different companies throughout the country.

  1. Highly qualified team of Professionals- Our every department has a team of highly trained and experience gained professionals, scientists, physicians, specialists which is the core strength of our Third Party Manufacturing company.
  2. WHO – GMP certified – Our company authorization from WHO-GMP. It is very important to maintain professionalism and work according to the set of protocols of the Pharma. 
  3. Provide you with the best service – We understand the importance of our customers' lives. We are committed to providing them with the best services possible for their better health. As a company that manufactures the best pharma products, it is our responsibility to make a name for ourselves in the marketplace.
  4. Reasonable price products – We offer high-quality pharmaceutical products in an affordable range. The main aim of the company is to provide pharmaceutical care to all needy.
  5. Manufacturing unit – The company has its manufacturing unit which has the capability of large as well as small scale. High tech equipment and excellent machinery are available in our factory. The company is backed up by a hardworking team that has vast experience in the field of pharma.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services In India

We are providing the following third party manufacturing Services:

  1. Third-party manufacturing of more than 500+ Products.
  2. Best Quality WHO or GMP certified pharma products.
  3. Big products portfolio for Domestics and Export Market.
  4. Fast product delivery and timely delivery at better rates.                     
  5. Highlights: Modern Manufacturing Facilities, Providing Quality Branded Medicines & Generics, Affordable Prices, Complete Support. 

DOYO REMEDIES is a well-known leading manufacturing pharmaceutical company based in Sector-17, District-Panchkula, Haryana, ranking among top Third Party Companies in manufacturing among the statewide pharmaceutical companies.

Variety of Products Range at DOYO Remedies

Our product range portfolio offers a large range of high-quality drugs at a  reasonable price. All the products are consist of the finest and pure raw material and ingredients. Our professionals team ansure that the products offered by our manufacturing company compete in the market on its quality basis. We manufactured a wide range of products under different levels to provide medical facilities to every specialized unit.Capsules

  1. Syrups
  2. Cardiac and Diabetic
  3. Ointment
  4. Injectables
  5. Pead/Syd/Drops
  6. Ayurvedic Preparation

Easy Step for third –party manufacturing Select

Select  Products and  Request for rate:- 

your desired products which you wish to manufacture with your own brand name shortlist a list of potential manufactures' online referrals .etc. Send them an email/call them to request their quotation which should include product cost Expenses related to product manufacturing. securities the minimum quantity of delivery schedule.

Finalizing Order and Composition:-
You should finalize the purchased quantity of the selected product while closing the order quantity you have to keep in mind minimum order quantities for the composition as mentioned by the manufacturer. MOQ can be 500 boxes for and injections 2000 units

Purchase Order:-
After finalizing composition and order quantities for contract manufacturing. You should raise the Purchase order to the selected manufacturer. You should also request the manufacturer to Confirm your products. after confirmation partial advance should be deposited to initiate the process.
Finalize Artwork:-
After submission of advance. you should complete all the registration formalities as asked by the manufacturer. You should finalize your design artwork as soon as possible key points to check while finalizing artwork

- Check 

brand Name on carton &foil

- Check packing details, Composition, manufacturing details

- Check Design &color 


- Check Marketed by company name, logo &address on carton &foil

Submission of Documents:-          

Company profile

- Director,s 

documents (Aadhar card and pan card )               

- Copy of Resolution for 

Authorized Signatory to Deal Drug licenses  

- Sales Tax/TIN Registration Certificates

- Agreement for manufacturing 

- Certificate for Non- resemblance

Delivery of Goods:-

After goods are manufactured you will receive a quotation mentioning the details of product manufacture and the balance amount to be deposited. Goods will then be dispatched through your desired transporter after submission of documents & clearance of accounts.

Quality Control and Assurance on Pharmaceuticals Products

Our company makes ensure that there should not be any accommodation in terms of the quality of the product. All the products have certified by ISO&GMP which ensures that the drugs don’t cause any kind of harm. The team of professionals checks products by several quality parameters such as effectiveness, purity, pH value, side effects, composition, etc. Our company strives to deliver good quality products in the market to meet the requirements of the customers in every possible way. This gives us the opportunity to rank among the top leading pharmaceutical third-party manufacturers. All products are manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • We purchased our raw material from certified and trustworthy suppliers for maintaining the quality of the formulation of drugs.
  • We acquired our raw material from certified and reliable suppliers for keeping the quality of the formulation of drugs.
  • Throughout our company, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by GMP&ISO.
  • Advanced and high technology facilities in the laboratories.
  • There is a separate team that works on unfinished pieces without any delay in the delivery.

.  The air storage unit is fully airlocked to reduce air pollution.

. From product development and quality assurance to supply and distribution, we have invested countless resources to differentiate ourselves from the competition.




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